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As Tushan Elektronik, as a reliable and respected brand that is constantly developing with technological innovations with our 10 years of experience from the past, it is the first choice in the sector; We want to be your solution partner and add value to your products with our keypads that we produce specifically for each device.


To keep customer satisfaction at the forefront by producing all the products and services we offer to our customers in a high quality, affordable and fastest way, and to be a leading business that aims to increase its goals day by day by making a positive contribution to the society and the environment.


With our young and experienced team, we develop ourselves in the membrane switch sector day by day and produce the best products for our customers, keeping customer satisfaction before and after sales at the highest level, and we continue to work for you with the values we are committed to.

İOSB Triko Center M6 Blk. No:112 Başakşehir/İSTANBUL
+90 212 671 65 19
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