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We produce keypads, backlight panels and touch screens domestically and abroad.
Advantages of Membrane Switch

Advantages of Membrane Switch

1.Long life keypad. (min> 2,000,000 strokes) Scratch, external splices, dust and water resistant.

2.Unlimited design can be applied on the Membrane surface.

3.Ergonomic key feeling in metal domed and embossed models.

4.Application can be done easily.

5.SMD Integration, LED and EMC components.

6.Backlighting possibilities via LED or backlight.

7.Affordable price compared to other switches, easy spare parts.

8.Easy cleaning of dirt that may occur on the surface.

9.All-round usability in industrial and consumer markets.

10.The graphic design applied on it is permanent by the agency of layered structure.

Tuşhan elegance in industrial machines

Tuşhan Elektronik is the perfect partner for establishing the connection between machine and human.


Usage areas of Membrane Switch.

Tushan Elektronik offers special solutions for your products, mainly in the machinery industry, health and industrial kitchen sectors.

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With our young and experienced team, we develop ourselves in the membrane switch sector day by day and produce the best products for our customers, keeping customer satisfaction before and after sales at the highest level, and we continue to work for you with the values we are committed to.

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