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Increase the Value of Your Products with Backlight

Electroluminescence technology is a great way to combine unique design and practical backlighting in one product. The unique appearance of the bright phosphor gives the user a sense of high quality. The Backlight technology used in the panels and Keypads is applied with high quality and bright colors.

Are you curious about applying Backlight to your product? Contact us and we will do our best to provide you with the necessary information.

Thin, Flexible and Light

Through its exceptionally thin layers of only 0.1-0.6 millimeters, it fits into every possible design. Through its flexible structure, it easily adapts to curved and asymmetrical surfaces.

Multiple Color Options

We can determine exactly the colors you desire. The natural phosphor color is green-blue tones or white. We can create other colors by adding colored plates or directly coloring the surface with transparent colored ink.

Asymmetrical Design

If you are looking for a very special, multicolored lighting for your product, Backlight is a great option for you. Evenly distributed light is distributed evenly to the smallest parts of the product and is extremely reliable.

Technicial Specifications
  • Colors: Blue, Green, White
  • Other Colors: Special paints and Transparent colors
  • Thickness: 1mm ~ 0.6mm
  • Working Voltage: AC 40V ~ 300V
  • Working Frequency: 50Hz ~ 2,000Hz
  • Working Temperature: -30 ℃ ~ 60 ℃
  • Storage Temperature: -40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃
  • Lifetime: Above 10,000 hours (5 hours per day; over 3 ~ 5 years of use); Half life: 2500 ~ 3000 hours with 24 hours of continuous use).

Usage Areas

  • Back lighting
    PDA, mobile phone, keypad, Calculators, game controllers, clock, radio, clock, pagers and instruments.
  • Marking
    Emergency, road, house, building entrances and exits
  • Keys
    Backlighting for membrane switches, indoor lighting switches.
  • Automotiv
    Dashboard, Sill Plates, Sticker, Pedal, Shift knob.
    Interior and instrument lighting, coach lighting, Warning lamp.
  • Architecture and interior design
    High technology lighting, elevator lighting, emergency lighting in stairs.
  • Advertising
    Backlighting for advertising media, point of purchase is displayed.



In order to illuminate the products with backlight, DC, AC and battery inverter logic, which is generally used with fluorescent lamps, is used. These are offered to the user with 12 or 24 Volt options, with dual outputs.




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